Want to Sell a Gun on Consignment?

For those who are looking for a consignment arrangement to sell their investment grade firearm in optimal time for the best price the industry has to offer, thankfully there is an alternative to the traditional venues available that is a seamless, effortless process that can be done from the comfort of home! Introducing Dunlap Gun Consigners, the premier online gun consignment company.

With Dunlap Gun Consigners, it guarantees a 30-day start to finish process to fetch top-dollar on the sale of a firearm. Its experts will appraise your firearm using dependable data assembled by an expansive team of firearm curators and specialists that document and research the intricacies of each firearm that is consigned. From there, the firearm is showcased to a strategically targeted audience that is easily found via various industry leading platforms to ensure a quick sale.

Often in today’s market, firearm owners are challenged to find a company that can give them a quick turnaround on the sale of a coveted, pricey gun. 

Most companies that offer consignment for a gun ask for a prolonged amount of time with a turnaround time that can take months and sometimes an entire year. This among many other factors discourage owners of these coveted firearms from using the few credible services that are available for consignment. Excuses ranging from waiting for the live auction to take place or not being able to find a buyer or achieving a lackluster sales price can be a frustrating experience when utilizing these other services. 

Trusting Dunlap Gun Consigners with your investment-grade firearms is a smart, hassle-free and safe way to maximize your return on investment and remove the obstacles for those going at it alone or relying on slow processes other companies offer. 

To learn more, visit gunconsignment.com and take a tour of our elegant, state of the art website and see the difference you get from using our service when compared to the other inefficient companies.

Custom Apache Powerboats

An Apache Powerboat is more than just a speedboat. The Apache Powerboat is the definition of power, performance, skill, and adrenaline combined into one.

At TKO Motorsports, you will find that we can create custom, one-of-a-kind, signature Apache Powerboats to fit your individual needs. When we say custom, we mean that every hull has an almost endless list of options; that you will design your Apache Powerboat from the navigation system to the powertrain, to the interior.

We pride ourselves at TKO Motorsports in offering five different base models of Apache Powerboats including the 41′ Apache Sacred Ground Straight/Arrow, the 45′ Apache Kid Apache Kid, the 47′ Apache Lucky Strike, the 47′ Apache War Party, and the 47′ Apache Little Ceasars.

At TKO Motorsports, we can help you find the perfect Apache Powerboat for your lifestyle.

Are you cruising through the Bahamas? Maybe there’s a daredevil within that loves the speed of whipping around the water? The Apache Powerboat racing scene is addicting.

Fishing and water sports become the ultimate activity when gliding through oceans and lakes on an Apache Powerboat.

If you are looking for the best in high-performance watercraft boats, look no further than TKO Motorsports. We know Apache and can be your go-to source for Apache speedboat parts and upgrades.

For more information about our products and services, contact TKO Motorsports today.

Soundproof Your Home, Office and Studio

Enough is enough, and it’s hard to finally come to terms with that. At Soundproof we know how important a soundproof windows or doors can mean for your workspace. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be so noisy – your home, office, and studio should be a place of clear focus and productivity.

Soundproof Studios and Soundproof Windows are the leading soundproofing window and door companies worldwide. Our company was founded in 1998 by Randall Brown and since then, we have worked tirelessly to provide soundproof windows and doors with the highest STC ratings in the country.

What do our STC ratings mean for you and your soundproofing needs? For studio designers and sound engineers, we’re the answer to quite a few logistics problems. Sound Transmission Class or ‘STC’ ratings are an established way to average how much sound is stopped by something. STC ratings are used for windows, doors, walls, and most building materials. The average STC rating on the market today ranges from 33 – 47. At Soundproof Studios we offer an STC of 55 – 60 (on average) for recording studio doors and windows.

Soundproof Windows can reduce the current noise levels by 95% or by 75%. Whatever your soundproofing needs, at Soundproof Windows and Soundproof Studios, we are here to help you achieve them.

Contact Soundproof today for a free estimate!

Your Trusted Santa Rosa Mercedes-Benz Mechanic

CK Auto Exclusive is a proud, family-owned Mercedes-Benz Service and Repair Center that has been answering to the needs of the Santa Rosa area since 1977.

The experts at CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa pride themselves in Mercedes-Benz specialty service that will not void any manufacturer warranty. We specialize in newer model Mercedes service. Our factory trained master technicians use the latest in computerized diagnostic tools and technologies to service and repair the latest Mercedes-Benz models.

At CK Auto Exclusive, you will never find us selling you unneeded work or repair. We offer free estimates, and our customers frequently comment on our value, honesty and quality of workmanship.

From factory scheduled Mercedes-Benz maintenance, Mercedes-Benz A/C service, Mercedes-Benz transmission rebuilding, Mercedes-Benz engine rebuilding, Mercedes-Benz brakes, and Mercedes-Benz oil changes, to Mercedes-Benz sprinter maintenance and courtesy vehicle availability, your Mercedes-Benz is in the best hands that Santa Rosa can offer.

Contact the professionals at CK Auto Exclusive Santa Rosa today for a free estimate, and get your Mercedes-Benz back out on the road where she belongs!

Ventana at Miramonte – A New Way to Live in Northern Nevada

The hills of east Sparks have a new view of home. If you value design, craftsmanship, and luxury living, then Ryder Homes has a community for you.

Our philosophy is built around people who appreciate living at the forefront of design. Ryder Homes’ fresh and unique approach to home building is designed for new home buyers in the Reno-Sparks area who want to live a youthful, vogue lifestyle in an age of passé, traditional housing designs.

Ventana at Miramonte Sparks offers energy efficient housing, modern kitchens, and six different floor plans. The features included in your new Reno-Sparks home range from elegant interior design choices to distinctive and renewed exterior designs that bring the entire community of Ventana at Miramonte together.

Customizing opportunities are available from open den options to beautiful landscaping selections. There are very few communities in Northern Nevada that offer what Ventana at Miramonte can offer a new home buyer in Reno-Sparks.

With easy access to the I-80 freeway, shopping and busy city life, your new Northern Nevada home offers it all. Not only does the community of Ventana at Miramonte offer excitement, but it offers peace as well. Located near great schools and surrounded by a breathtaking Sierra landscape, it’s easy to sit back and relax in comfort and safety.

Contact Ventana at Miramonte today to schedule a walkthrough and begin your new journey in Northern Nevada!

Reduce the Noise, Get Back to Life: Soundproof Your Reno Studio

You’re sitting at your home studio, relaxed on your yoga mat, the ritual begins. You begin the transition to downward dog, and right as you settle into chaturanga, the walls begin to shake, the china starts rattling, it’s another train.

Don’t live life interrupted. Soundproof Studios provide a service that cannot be beat by anything on the market today. Their product affords an extra layer to the windows in your studio, garage, R.V., you name it, to keep the outside world to just that, outside.

For those that live near the airport, the train tracks, a school or other typically noisy place… a Soundproof Studio will reduce the noise levels by 75-95%, and they can prove it. These studios are available nationwide, and is just what you need for that perfect “namaste”.

Get rid of the cars, the city, the trains, the plains, even the pets, with Soundproof.

Growing Pains Mean Growing Gains with a 3PL Distribution Company

If you are past the start-up phase and experiencing increased product demand and rapid growth, you’re experiencing the growing pains many businesses encounter when they are having success. It’s a good problem to have and you can turn these “pains” into “gains” by using a 3PL company. Optimizing the logistics process is a pivotal moment in your companies future and if you can’t respond quickly, you may miss important opportunities.   A 3PL distribution company can help you with this challenge.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider using distribution partners to help improve your business.

Physical Product Distribution
A distribution company providing custom tailored warehousing and distribution solutions can decrease fulfillment and shipping times and increase the number of fulfill-able order . In short, they increase your bandwidth and efficiency while decrease cost in most cases.

Fulfillment Made Easy
A common reason why  companies decide to use a 3PL distribution company is speed up the fulfillment and shipping process. By employing a distribution company to perform the task of fulfillment of your products you can focus on the other stuff.

Fulfillment Made Fast
When you work with a distribution company they get your product into consumer’s hands quicker.  In today’s on-demand world,  a customer might not choose your product over another if the product can be received quick enough. It’s a issue facing most retailers today. Next Day or Two Day Shipping is now the norm. Are you able to get your orders fulfilled and in the customer’s hands quick enough?

As your company begins to change and grow you may find yourself in need of a great logistics or distribution company. Contact Hopkinsand talk with one of our sales associates so that we may provide you with a customized rate proposal tailored to your individual warehousing needs.

Northern Nevada; still a West Coast distribution leader

When choosing a logistics and distribution company on the West Coast Northern Nevada still ranks at the top as an ideal location for both a multi-point distribution network and National distribution.

Home some of the largest retailers and distributors on the West Coast,  Northern Nevada provides strategic third party logistics and distribution coverage for most companies looking for a West Coast presence.

If you are looking for a high-quality West Coast logistics company you should consider the distribution benefits that Nothern Nevada and Hopkins Distribution have to offer. Contact Hopkins Distribution to discuss your specific West Coast distribution needs!

Improve customer service with 3PL company

Hiring a 3PL company who has the resources to make adjustments and improvements to every step of the fulfillment process can help your business improve customer service. Companies like Hopkins Distribution can ensure your fulfillment needs are being met and exceeded by using the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective distribution methods.

Hopkins Distribution has the technology to restructure the supply chain and ensure that your products arrive when and where you need them. Sophisticated management software can analyze and monitor practices to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline the supply chain. Outsourcing 3PL services to Hopkins Distribution will ensure continuous improvements are made to your logistics process.

To maximize your profits, reduce wait times and improve customer service contact Hopkins Distribution today for your Reno 3PL Services!

Transport Your Exotic Car with TKO Motorsports

Do you need to transport your exotic vehicle? TKO Motorsports offers white-glove pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. Their executive exotic vehicle transportation service spans within a 1000 mile radius of their Reno location.

TKO Motorsports is dedicated to offering the best in exotic cars and boats. Our exhaust systems are engineered to maintain legal application in the U.S.

From hydraulic suspensions and custom exhaust kits for your European car to the gorgeous Apache speedboats, TKO specializes in all things motorsports. Contact TKO today to learn more!