Apartment Finder

Everyone has been there. Your lease on your home or apartment just expired and you’re in a jam trying to find your next place to live. Not to worry, there’s a new website that helps people find apartments quickly and easily. Currently focused on the Reno, Nevada area, ApartmentGenie.com is the place to go.
Reno Apartment Finder Website
Whether you are looking for pet-friendly apartments, one with a pool, gym, or 3-bedrooms, ApartmentGenie.com is a new apartment finder resource aimed at helping people find apartments for rent. If you are looking for an apartment on a budget you have to try ApartmentGenie.com

You can search for apartments by size, location, price and amenities.

We were impressed with the options and the selection of apartment complexes available. If you’re looking for your first Reno apartment, give ApartmentGenie.com a try – we recommend it.