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Warehousing, Staff and Information Systems with a Distribution Company

Growing businesses often find themselves in need of a great logistics company. Running warehouses, staff and information systems up and running requires a major investment, and most small businesses can’t afford to do all of this in-house.

A distribution company like Hopkins can help your business grow by increasing your profitability and providing custom tailored warehousing and distribution solutions.

Hopkins distribution can provide the warehousing, technology and staff your company needs to succeed with a low overhead cost.

Contact Hopkins and talk with one a sales associate for a customized rate proposal tailored to your individual warehousing and logistics needs.

Street, Off-Road and Cruiser Motorcycle Parts

For your motorcycle parts  and accessories needs, Reno Merchants suggests From top-of-the-line parts to gear accessories for street, off-road and cruiser motorcycles, has it all.

They offer thousands of parts and accessories but specializes in different sissy bar configurations and decorative components by Outlaw Chrome for Victory, Indian, Triumph, Harley, and Honda Fury.

If you are looking to add comfort to your bike without changing its sleek look, try our Mustang Seat Sissy Bar Backrest for Victory Kingpin.

Warehousing, Fulfillment and Technology

When searching for a fulfillment company to partner with, keep in mind the kind of technologies they employ. Hopkins Distribution is at the forefront of the 3PL industry in systems development and service capabilities.

Internet access through Hopkin’s website provides the most up-to-date information on stock levels, as well as the order flow process. Status reports are automatically provided to our clients on a daily, weekly, monthly or “on demand” basis free of charge.

You should be confident that your 3PL provider can operate at the highest level for your business. Contact Hopkins today to discuss your company’s specific fulfillment needs!


Technical yet Cost-Efficient Fulfillment

When looking for a fulfillment company it is important to consider many factors. Hopkins  Distribution, a Third Party Logistics (3PL) specialist, provides clients with a wide array of highly technical yet cost-efficient options for fulfillment, distribution and warehousing challenges. Below are some items you can expect from Hopkins Distribution.

Electronic data interchange  (EDI) – The transfer of data between two partner companies.  Hopkins provides our clients with the data they need to use to create sales for the “big box” companies that require data transfer.  Advanced shipment notification (ASN) data is provided and can be sent directly to our clients or can be provided to any Internet trading partner.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one computer to another computer over an internet-based network.  Nightly Inventory, hourly inventory, shipped orders, order tracking information, and EDI data files can be stored on the Hopkins FTP servers and can be accessed by your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Email Importing:  Hopkins can receive orders via email from our clients.  Upon the importing of order information into our databases, Hopkins will generate an import report in pdf format and will instantly send the imported orders report to our clients for verification of the received orders.

Email Exporting:  Sending shipped order information, shipment-tracking information, and real-time inventory data from our email servers can happen whenever our clients need that data.

Automated Consignee emails:  Every night, our servers automatically generate emails to our client’s consignees telling them their shipment status, which includes: tracking numbers, shipping address, carrier, shipped item information.

Automated Carrier Load-Out Emails:  Hopkins provides our partner carriers the information they need to see at 3:00pm PST that helps them accomplish first-break load out plans.  What this means for our clients is faster turn around of the freight at the local level, which facilitates the freight moving timely the same night it is received by our carriers.

Contact Hopkins today to discuss your specific third party logistics needs!

Reno Apartments

Cost-Effective Two Bedroom Apartments in Reno

If you’re looking for inexpensive two bedroom apartments in Reno, there’s no need to look any further than Apartment Genie. Check out our apartment search feature for a quick and easy way to find the apartment in Reno for you!

With Apartment Genie it is easy to find apartments in Reno. Apartment Genie’s real-time rental marketplace features the largest selection of available rentals and is dedicated to giving renters a free and convenient way to find the perfect place to live.

Just choose your preferred apartment price, area and size of unit to narrow down your search with just a few clicks. Then sort through photo galleries, two bedroom floor plans and apartment amenities to find the perfect place for you!

Check out Apartment Genie for a quick and easy way to find the best Reno apartment.

Searching for Semiconductor Market Research Reports?

Databeans is a market research firm focused on the semiconductor and electronics industry. There are some big name companies out there providing expensive semiconductor market research reports. Databeans is dedicated to providing an affordable alternative .

Databeans provides semiconductor market forecasts for the telecommunications, computer, industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, medical, military and aerospace, process control applications, integrated circuits (ic),  sensors and discretes industries.

They deliver quality, cost-effective research data to our customers in a timely manner. For accurate and affordable semiconductor market research visit their catalog or contact Databeans for more information.

Eco-Friendly Warehousing and Fulfillment

If eco-friendly distribution is important for your business, contact Hopkins Distribution today to discuss your specific third party logistics needs!

Products stored in Reno are not subject to severe changes in weather and the dry climate promotes long carton life for your packaging. For this reason, Hopkins facilities use an intricate fan system to pull cool air into the warehouse during the coolest hours of the night during the summer months. The cool air is circulated in the insulated warehouse to keep your products at the most efficient storage temperature. This allows us to store perishable items inexpensively and the ability to offer our clients energy efficient ways to store and distribute their goods.

Reno is home to over 60 less-than-load, truckload and small package carriers with the ability to service major metropolitan cities with overnight service at regular ground delivery rates. Reno also has railroad access with the Southern Pacific Railroad and an international airport supporting 12 major airlines. Due to the tremendous volume of shipping in and out of Northern Nevada, carriers are able to load direct schedules to all major markets, streamlining transit times and decreasing mileage.

Hopkins Distribution can accommodate over 16,780 product pallets, all of which are recycled from other carriers and reused. We never buy a new pallet unless it is specific to a client’s needs. Hopkins is also very careful with drain runoff and waste disposal in order preserve surrounding community areas.



3PL Companies Allow Your Business to Grow Online

Looking to move your product online? Warehousing capabilities of a 3PL allow for stock to be stored and kept available to the web community, increasing customer loyalty and brand recognition in markets all over the world. While a small business might be very successful in a local community, outsourcing to a 3PL opens your business to growth and allows for a global presence.

With the growth in sales that comes from opening an online store comes the need to expand your warehousing capabilities. Hopkins Distribution Company offers comprehensive logistics and warehousing services  featuring online inventory management, value-added services and customized supply chain solutions. Our  public warehouse facilities offer flexible space that allows companies to expand and contract their inventory footprints based on online demand.

If you plan to expand your business online it is likely you will need to outsource distribution. Contact Hopkins today to discuss your specific third party logistics needs!

Motorcycle Parts Store: Cruise Control for Your Harley

If you are looking for a cruise control solution for your bike from a reputable motorcycle part store, shop Once you have used the Klever Lever you won’t ride without it ever again. This genius motorcycle part helps your cruiser cruise.

For throttle control place the Klever lever on your thumbscrew between the throttle and idle cables to ease the use of the screw. It installs easily and fits FXR and Softail models from 1984 to present.

MotoGateway manufactures many of our own parts under the Tomahawk brand name, including cruise control for your motorcycle. The legendary Klever Lever By Tomahawk  has been making riders happier all over the world. It fits Harley FXR and Softail models from 1984 to present (with thumbscrew cruise control).

MotoGateway provides top-of-the-line parts and gear for street, off-road and cruiser motorcycles. Our mission is to help our customers keep their motorcycle in top condition and to custom build their own ride. The Klever Lever will be one of the best parts you put on your bike.

Find a Fulfillment Partner in Nevada

When looking for a fulfillment company it is important to consider many factors. Warehousing in Nevada is an ideal solution for both a multi-point distribution network and National distribution for the following reasons.

The tax climate of the state where your distribution company is located is another factor you should consider. The Tax Foundation’s 2014 edition of the State Business Tax Climate Index ranked Nevada one of the highest of the 50 states; third place overall and first in the West Coast. Nevada has no corporate or individual income tax which is why it ranks so high and one of the reasons why Nevada is the best choice for a warehousing and fulfillment company.

If you are looking for a logistics company you should consider the distribution benefits that Nevada and Hopkins Distribution have to offer. Contact Hopkins Distribution to discuss your specific distribution needs today!