First-time Home Buyers

Are you a first-time buyer looking for a new home in the Reno Sparks area? First-time buyers are expected to become a larger part of the housing market over the next several years.

Even with mortgage-qualification issues and student loan debt, a significant increase in new households in the years ahead is a sure thing.

While most of these newly-emerging 20-somethings will be going into rentals, the movement out of the parental home is nonetheless expected to support a series of positive steps from rentals to entry-level re-sales to entry-level new homes, and on up the ladder.

By 2016-17, we will be back above 1.5million housing starts (including single-family and multifamily) annually. At that point, 30-year fixed mortgage rates will be in the 6.0  percent range, but job growth will be booming.

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