Handling Medical Bills While Waiting for Personal Injury Compensation

Handling Medical Bills While Waiting for Personal Injury Compensation
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If you are in a Reno personal injury accident it is important that you properly document everything to have the best chance at winning your case. It is very important that you maintain meticulous records of all medical-related items to support your personal injury claim. If you have been injured in a car accident or other personal injury accident, try to provide the documentation below.

Save Documents

You should also be holding on to all forms of medical documentation. Save all of your medical receipts for doctor appointments, prescriptions, special equipment like crutches or walkers and all co-payment receipts. You should also hold on to every form of correspondence with every involved medical person relating to your injury.


Try to provide supporting imagery. Take photos of your car’s damage, take pictures of the accident location and take photos of your injuries. Don’t limit it to one or two shots. Take several pictures from every angle, making sure to snap close-ups and long distance shots. Try to provide before images when available.

Keep a Journal

Journaling about your injuries and what medical attention you receive can also be very helpful to your claim. Be precise about everything, including the daily extent of your pain. You should also keep track of travel expenses for medical appointments and maintain precise documentation on how much income you’ve lost due to your injuries.

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