Motorcycle Parts Store: Cruise Control for Your Harley

If you are looking for a cruise control solution for your bike from a reputable motorcycle part store, shop Once you have used the Klever Lever you won’t ride without it ever again. This genius motorcycle part helps your cruiser cruise.

For throttle control place the Klever lever on your thumbscrew between the throttle and idle cables to ease the use of the screw. It installs easily and fits FXR and Softail models from 1984 to present.

MotoGateway manufactures many of our own parts under the Tomahawk brand name, including cruise control for your motorcycle. The legendary Klever Lever By Tomahawk  has been making riders happier all over the world. It fits Harley FXR and Softail models from 1984 to present (with thumbscrew cruise control).

MotoGateway provides top-of-the-line parts and gear for street, off-road and cruiser motorcycles. Our mission is to help our customers keep their motorcycle in top condition and to custom build their own ride. The Klever Lever will be one of the best parts you put on your bike.