Reno Distribution: Hub of the West Coast

Another advantage to choosing Reno, Nevada for your West Coast distribution is to compare the higher costs of doing business in other western states such as California. In California, workers’ compensation fees are 30 to 60 percent higher and utility costs average 36 percent higher as compared to Nevada. Who will ultimately incur that cost? You and your customers will.

Reno’s centralized location is an important factor to consider when considering a distribution location. If you want your product to be accessible to the 11 western states, Nevada is where you need to be. Your product can reach 51 million people within one day. When your product is available immediately to your customers, costs go down and profits go up. Again, Reno offers these advantages! Approximately 100 new companies have moved to the Reno area within the last three years for this reason.

Reno is home to over 60 less-than-load, truckload, and small package carriers with the ability to service major metropolitan cities with overnight service at regular ground delivery rates. Additionally, Reno has railroad access with the Southern Pacific Railroad and an international airport supporting 12 major airlines. Due to the tremendous volume of shipping in and out of Northern Nevada, carriers are able to load direct schedules to all major markets, streamlining transit times, reducing claims ratios, and cutting out additional rehandling by break-bulks, resulting in a more profitable working environment in which your company can operate.

Northern Nevada is also home to the University of Nevada Reno, as well as two community colleges and three business colleges. This provides a solid pool of educated and well-trained people to be utilized in the workforce. The fact that Nevada is a right to work state allows a flexible work environment for companies to operate under, without the pressures of unionized labor.

Reno being located only 210 miles east of the San Francisco Bay Area, offers a relatively dry and mild climate. Products stored in our region are not subject to severe changes in weather and the dry climate promotes long carton life for your packaging.

Hopkins Distribution Company is proud to be a member of EDAWN – The Economic Development Association of Western Nevada!

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