Soundproof Your Home, Office and Studio

Enough is enough, and it’s hard to finally come to terms with that. At Soundproof we know how important a soundproof windows or doors can mean for your workspace. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be so noisy – your home, office, and studio should be a place of clear focus and productivity.

Soundproof Studios and Soundproof Windows are the leading soundproofing window and door companies worldwide. Our company was founded in 1998 by Randall Brown and since then, we have worked tirelessly to provide soundproof windows and doors with the highest STC ratings in the country.

What do our STC ratings mean for you and your soundproofing needs? For studio designers and sound engineers, we’re the answer to quite a few logistics problems. Sound Transmission Class or ‘STC’ ratings are an established way to average how much sound is stopped by something. STC ratings are used for windows, doors, walls, and most building materials. The average STC rating on the market today ranges from 33 – 47. At Soundproof Studios we offer an STC of 55 – 60 (on average) for recording studio doors and windows.

Soundproof Windows can reduce the current noise levels by 95% or by 75%. Whatever your soundproofing needs, at Soundproof Windows and Soundproof Studios, we are here to help you achieve them.

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