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Store and Distribute Perishable Goods

When dealing with perishable goods, you need a 3pl company like Hopkins who will take extra packaging and transportation precautions.

Hopkins Distributions’ Nevada climate provides us with very cool, dry conditions for summer storage of products. This allows us to store perishable items inexpensively which in turn allows us to offer our clients cost-effective prices to store and distribute their goods. If you have special needs and wish to distribute perishable items, Hopkins may be the western distribution company for you.

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Nationwide Fulfillment Solutions

Hopkins Distribution seamlessly provides nationwide logistics solutions to its clientele. Some of the advantages our clients receive include:

  • 1 to 3 day shipping points
  • Data transfer and real-time communication between distribution locations
  • Freight rate incentives by location

Want to learn more about our west coast facility? Select the link below to discover what Hopkins has to offer you: Hopkins West Coast Distribution Facility – Reno, NV

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