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Buying Used Video Games – Site Review

We mentioned BitReplay.com last week and we were excited to try out the website and get our hands on some old video game equipment of our youth. We were jazzed when we heard about BitReplay.com on Reddit.  There seemed to be a good following and they had great prices on this stuff. Ultimately, where else can you buy vintage video game consoles and games? They don’t make this stuff anymore and there aren’t really any great sources other than eBay (and you know how “fun” eBay is to deal with) for old school video game stuff. They have literally thousands of old school games, consoles and accessories. We found a “source”.

Excited to find this website, we wanted to try out their service and found a Nintendo Game Boy Color that we really had our eye on.  It was kiwi green and looked like it was in great condition. This was the one from our youth that we spent hundreds of hours on – this is a must have. We paid via credit card, we received the item in about 3 days via their standard shipping. It was in great condition and packaged nicely.  We also bought a few classic Game Boy Color games that we couldn’t wait to play; Zelda Oracle of Ages, Joe & Mac, Donkey Kong, NBA Jam, and Duke Nukem.  We fired it right up and worked flawlessly. It was like riding a bike after a 15 year hiatus –  the muscle memory in my thumbs was there and I was busting high scores like back in the day.

As a whole, our experience with BitReplay was awesome. We’ll be back for that original NES console next week!