Want to Sell a Gun on Consignment?

For those who are looking for a consignment arrangement to sell their investment grade firearm in optimal time for the best price the industry has to offer, thankfully there is an alternative to the traditional venues available that is a seamless, effortless process that can be done from the comfort of home! Introducing Dunlap Gun Consigners, the premier online gun consignment company.

With Dunlap Gun Consigners, it guarantees a 30-day start to finish process to fetch top-dollar on the sale of a firearm. Its experts will appraise your firearm using dependable data assembled by an expansive team of firearm curators and specialists that document and research the intricacies of each firearm that is consigned. From there, the firearm is showcased to a strategically targeted audience that is easily found via various industry leading platforms to ensure a quick sale.

Often in today’s market, firearm owners are challenged to find a company that can give them a quick turnaround on the sale of a coveted, pricey gun. 

Most companies that offer consignment for a gun ask for a prolonged amount of time with a turnaround time that can take months and sometimes an entire year. This among many other factors discourage owners of these coveted firearms from using the few credible services that are available for consignment. Excuses ranging from waiting for the live auction to take place or not being able to find a buyer or achieving a lackluster sales price can be a frustrating experience when utilizing these other services. 

Trusting Dunlap Gun Consigners with your investment-grade firearms is a smart, hassle-free and safe way to maximize your return on investment and remove the obstacles for those going at it alone or relying on slow processes other companies offer. 

To learn more, visit gunconsignment.com and take a tour of our elegant, state of the art website and see the difference you get from using our service when compared to the other inefficient companies.