When More Than One Person Is at Fault in a Personal Injury Accident

As a Reno personal injury accident lawyer, many people ask what happens when more than one person is responsible for an accident. For example, if several careless drivers cause a wreck on I-80, more than one driver would be at fault. Read below to find out who is at fault if you are in such an accident.

The law in Nevada mentions that any one of the careless parties is responsible for compensating you fully for your injuries. A defendant is only responsible for the injuries he or she caused.  While some states make each defendant liable for all injuries sustained, Nevada does not.

If you were partially at fault you may still be entitled to reimbursement. Nevada follows the modified comparative fault rule, meaning that the injured party can recover if his or her fault is fifty percent or less.  If you are at fault for 51 percent of injuries, you are not entitled to reimbursement.  If you are 50 percent responsible for your injuries you would be reimbursed for half of what would be entitled to you had you not been at fault.

If one or more people are responsible for your injuries, you should contact personal injury lawyer Gene Drakulich immediately to ensure you receive your legally entitled compensation.