Cash For Guns Service – Gun Buyback Website

During the last two decades in the United States various local governments have setup “cash for guns” firearm buy back programs. Many of them have not been very successful at doing what they are intended to do; encourage criminals to trade in their firearms for cash. is a  “cash for guns”  website that buys back handguns, rifles, shotguns from people who are looking for a safe and easy way to sell their firearm and get paid for it. No haggling, no auctions, no questioning who you are selling your gun to. The gun buyback website tells you right on their website what they are willing to pay for your firearm, they send you a free pre-paid shipping box, you package and ship your firearm, and a check comes in the mail right to your door.

We were curious about this service and sent in an old Ruger revolver to see how this service works. We were surprised and pleased when it worked exactly how they said it would. We went to their website (, found our gun, added it to the cart, and agreed to sell it to Cash My Guns for the price on their website. About 3 days later we received a box at our door with a handgun case in it. We put the gun in the cash, secured it with their locking device, sealed the box and called the UPS guy to come pickup the package. They picked it up and  we were notified when it was delivered to their location. About 3 days later we received a check in the mail for the amount that they said they would pay.

We were blown away and how easy it was and consequently felt like we should write about it. If you are looking to sell your gun in the comfort of your home, safely and easily we highly recommend Cash My Guns.