Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You

To find out whether a a Reno personal injury lawyer is right for you, sit down with the lawyer to discuss your claim and possible ways of handling it. Bring copies of all your documents: police report, medical records and bills, income loss information, and all correspondence with the insurance company.

Before you meet with the lawyer, find out whether he or she will charge you for the first interview. If the lawyer wants to charge you just for discussing whether or not to take your case, go somewhere else.

After you tell him or her about your case you will want to ask some things of your lawyer. How long has the lawyer been in practice? Roughly what percentage of the lawyer’s practice involves personal injury cases? Does the personal injury lawyer most often represent plaintiffs or defendants? Would the lawyer personally handle your case or pass it along to another lawyer in the office?

You want a lawyer whose specialty is personal injury and do not want to be represented by someone who has primarily been a lawyer for defendants. If you are working with multiple lawyers, find out which lawyer would have responsibility for the case and which lawyer you would be dealing with directly.

Gene Drakulich specializes in personal injury law and has been practicing law in Reno for 27 years. He handles each of his cases personally. Contact Gene today for a free consultation.